Reviews of Fluoxetine patients and doctors

Fluoxetine is a drug intended for the treatment of pathological conditions such as depression, manifested by anxiety and fear. Reviews of Fluoxetine various. This tool belongs to the pharmacological group of antidepressants. The purpose of this drug is advisable to eliminate feelings of anxiety, fear, depression and apathy, normalize sleep, improve mood, mental activity and appetite. The drug is also used to treat bulimia, anorexia, alcohol dependence.

Consider the reviews of patients who used the drug Fluoxetine in their treatment, and the doctors’ opinion about the effectiveness of this remedy.

Patient Reviews

“I suffered for a long time from frequent headaches. She was taken to a neurologist, who explained that these symptoms are due to prolonged depression.

I immediately received fluoxetine. She took strictly according to the recommendations of the doctor, however, instead of improving the general condition, the opposite was observed. All the time of the treatment was in some inhibited state, drowsiness was present, the appetite was completely gone (as a result, she lost noticeably). The doctor said that this is a normal reaction of the body. However, headaches did not pass. She stopped taking the drug after 3-4 weeks from the start of treatment.”

“Recently I turned to a neurologist for health reasons. The doctor diagnosed depression and attributed fluoxetine to me. She took the instructions. Now I feel much better, I have returned to my usual rhythm of life.”

“I took fluoxetine for depression. I did not notice any side effects from the drug. After 2 – 3 weeks, my mood improved noticeably, I began to break down less because of small things.”

“This drug was prescribed to me to treat a depressive condition. I really hoped that the drug would bring me back to normal life. However, against the background of fluoxetine intake, the situation has only worsened. Not only did she feel nausea for several hours after taking the pill, but my mood didn’t improve either. On the contrary, she was in a state of complete indifference to everything around her, then she lit up like a match from the slightest trouble. After a few more weeks of treatment, I began to notice that some colleagues simply avoided any contact with me. The drug stopped drinking. Everything returned to normal about 2 weeks after that. The tool does not fit all. ”
“I took Fluoxetine lannaher (Austrian production). The result is satisfied. Now I plan to repeat the course of treatment, as it has been about 10 months. However, for some reason I can’t find Fluoxetine lannaher, but I don’t decide to take a domestic one yet. ”

“I was prescribed fluoxetine, 1 tablet three times a day. I spent only 6 days.

During this time, the appetite has noticeably decreased, but sleep has become very bad, nightmares have appeared (which I have not complained about before). In addition, I noticed that most of the products somehow taste differently, often feel nauseous (more in the first 1.5 – 2 hours after taking the pill). Only on the sixth day, I associated all this with fluoxetine. Last night I did not take a pill, in the morning, too. I categorically do not want to take the drug anymore, but it seems that it is impossible to cancel it abruptly. ”

“Saw fluoxetine tablets as recommended by a psychotherapist to eliminate panic attacks. In the first weeks of taking the drug, I noticed some drowsiness, which, however, then passed. In addition, the appetite decreased markedly, which contributed to some weight loss. Emotional state improved markedly. In parallel with fluoxetine, she took hormonal preparations prescribed by a gynecologist. Everything was fine, but after discontinuing fluoxetine, after 3 months, the tides reappeared. Apparently this tool still affects the concentration of other drugs in the blood while taking it. She did not feel the withdrawal syndrome, although she stopped taking the drug quite abruptly (she did not get to her psychotherapist in time).”

“I first encountered fluoxetine a year ago. At that time, the psychotherapist determined mild depression for me. The drug really helped me cope with my problem, and quite quickly (only 6 – 7 weeks). The drug is well tolerated. Of the side effects, I was occasionally disturbed by discomfort in the upper abdomen, but I had problems with my stomach before.”

Fluoxetine became my faithful assistant in the strugglee with anxiety and vertigo. For the past 10 years, I have regularly taken fluoxetine for 2–3 months once a year. While taking the drug, the appetite is somewhat increased, from which I gain a few extra pounds. However, compared to anxiety, this is not a problem at all.”

“I took fluoxetine canon just 1 month from depression. After 2 weeks, she began to notice that her appetite increased noticeably. Emotional state improved markedly. I again wanted to live and develop, became much more sociable. After the end of the course of treatment, I didn’t fall back into depression, of course, but I’m feeling that I needed to extend this medication a little more.”

“Fluoxetine, to be honest, has appointed itself itself. However, soon regretted it. Already on the second day of the intake, blood pressure was greatly increased at night, strong and painful cramps in the legs appeared, a strong heartbeat, fear and panic were felt. This remedy must be prescribed by a doctor.”
“Several years ago, severe depression occurred in my life. We managed to cope with it not immediately and it took a lot of time and effort. Now periodically I pass prophylactic courses with antidepressants. Fluoxetine is the only drug in this group that does not cause me any unpleasant side effects. I am absolutely afraid of refusing these means, since I simply cannot bear the second such depression.”

“Over the past 6 months in my life was quite a dense mode of operation. There was almost no time to rest.

Over time, I began to notice that I was tearing at others in every detail, not only at work, but also at home. After another scandal at home, I realized that I needed to do something in order not to lose my family. Climbed to the Internet, where he found reviews of fluoxetine. Of course, it would be right to consult a doctor, but I did not have time for this. Began to take the drug. The first week of the effect was not at all, but then began to notice that I was getting a little calmer. The mood has noticeably improved over time, everything has also returned to normal at home and at work. However, I think it should take no longer than 1.5 – 2 months.”

“I was diagnosed with moderately severe depression. Took fluoxetine course in 2 months. Two weeks after the start of treatment, life began to improve. Emotional state from taking the drug has improved markedly. No side effects noticed. True, on the second or third day there was a headache, but it was not certain that it was related to the drug.”
“Started the second course of treatment with fluoxetine. He attributed to me a neurologist from my irritability. During the administration of the drug, I lost about 12 kg of weight, since my appetite was almost completely lost from the pills. After 4 to 5 weeks of treatment, frequent diarrhea appeared. I associated this phenomenon with the drug, therefore I finished the treatment ahead of time. By the end of the first week after cessation of treatment, irritability, insomnia, and obsessive ideas reappeared (often lice were removed). I had to go back to taking the pills.”

Acquired fluoxetine on the advice of a friend. A few months after giving birth, I began to notice that something was wrong with me. I decided it was postpartum depression. Since I didn’t have milk, I could take any medicine without any fear of harming the baby. However, to drink this drug is still not solved for a long time, since the instructions describe so many side effects. But they could not do without medication. I started to take fluoxetine in minimal doses once a day. Two weeks later, his family and friends noticed its effectiveness. I think I will bring the treatment to 2 months.”

Doctors Reviews

“This drug is among the most common antidepressants of domestic production. The drug is quite effective, but it has a number of unpleasant side effects. Most often they include nausea, a feeling of increased fatigue, a decrease in sexual desire and a decrease in emotionality. It is also worth noting that people with diabetes should take the drug with increased caution, since this tool can affect the concentration of glucose in the blood.”

“Fluoxetine is a fairly lightly tolerable drug in most patients. It is important to convey to the patient that the effect of this remedy should be expected no earlier than after 7 to 10 days. The drug has a cumulative effect, and therefore, no effect for 2 – 3 days just will not.

Many patients, if not explained to them, drop the drug without waiting for it to appearand his actions. When fluoxetine is correctly taken, patients in the second week of administration will experience an improvement in the general condition and quality of sleep, a decrease in irritability, and an increase in mood. The course of treatment with this tool should last at least 6 to 8 weeks. Then the doctor assesses the effectiveness of treatment and determines the further tactics of treatment: gradual withdrawal of the drug or extension of the course of treatment. “

“Fluoxetine is an excellent means to eliminate anxiety, fear, and depressive state. However, it should be understood that this tool has a number of contraindications and side effects. Of course, I try to prescribe a drug to my patients only in cases of extreme necessity. Strongly against using this drug in the fight against obesity (unless it is associated with mental disorders). Fluoxetine is a fairly serious drug for such experiments.”
“Fluoxetine is one of the most accessible and common antidepressants. However, I prefer to prescribe its more expensive counterparts, preferably of foreign production. In his medical practice, he was convinced of the greater efficacy of such drugs compared to the domestic manufacturer.”

This drug should be administered very carefully. It is important to understand that for many people this drug can cause a lot of unpleasant symptoms. That is why you should start a course of treatment with the minimum dosage, and then increase, taking into account the individual tolerance of the drug. Cancel the drug should also be gradually, as many of my colleagues forget. With all precautions, this tool can significantly improve the quality of life of patients with anxiety – depressive disorders.”

“I would like to note that the use of fluoxetine requires special caution if the patient has other health problems that require daily intake of other medications. This is due to the fact that in certain combinations, fluoxetine may increase or decrease the concentration of other drugs in the body. Special care requires combination of fluoxetine with hypoglycemic drugs, which are prescribed for diabetes. You should also carefully consider patients with kidney or liver function failure.”

“Fluoxetine can give a good result in combating anxiety, psychomotor agitation, insomnia, fear, and other emotional and mental disorders. However, it should be understood that the appointment of such a drug should be agreed with the doctor. Improper administration of the drug can only harm the patient’s state of health and aggravate the situation.”