Fluoxetine Antidepressant LLC “Ozone” – review

Depression is not a sign of weakness, but a sign that you have been trying to be strong for too long (s) – Sigmund Freud. What led me to taking antidepressants and how Fluoxetine helped me get out of depression. Why do Fluoxetine so much like losing weight?

I would never have thought before that there would be a time when it would be necessary to take antidepressants.

For me, the drugs in this series have always been of something fantastic and for some reason I thought that antidepressants are drugs for the weak and mentally ill people, but it turned out I was very mistaken. in fact, any healthy person can break down from life difficulties and become depressed ..

What led me to take antidepressants? If anyone is not interested, you can browse through this part, but I want to briefly describe the situation that led me to receive Fluoxetine.

Just over four years ago, in May 2014, in my hometown, where I was born, lived and worked, the war began. To my beloved and dear Donbass unfair and brutal war has fallen. As soon as the first hostilities began, my husband and I decided to leave everything, the house, the work, relatives and friends, to take the most necessary things and leave, saving the child from the bombing. From this point on, my life was divided into BEFORE and AFTER. Habitual life is no more. I will not tell you how hard it was for us at first, this is not the most important thing. The worst thing is that my relatives and close people stayed there, in this terrible hell, I cannot say otherwise. Here’s what they experienced is the very hard, life in basements, cellars, bomb shelters, destroyed houses and apartments .. killed neighbors and acquaintances. Our area is just the epicenter of events! Over the entire period of the war in our only small area, more than a hundred people died as a result of the war. I cannot even describe my condition and feelings for my relatives. Every day for me is excitement, anxiety, fear for their life and health. For the property that was destroyed as a result of the shelling, I did not even think, the main thing for me is that my relatives remain alive and healthy. Every day I asked them to leave for us, but they flatly refused to leave their homes and property and said that they would not leave for anything, they say, “what to be, can’t be avoided.” I could only pray for them and worry. How many difficulties I had to endure during all this time it was impossible to retell, illnesses, injuries, destruction, but the last blow for me was the recent death of a very close and dear person, and it was after this that my depression began, the pain of loss and self-accusation prevented me from living in peace. Why and for what? No one will answer and no one will be punished, everywhere is chaos. What’s next? And then my condition became worse and worse, except for the endless depressive state, health problems appeared, mentally I became unbalanced, often cried, closed in on myself, did not want to communicate with anyone, I couldn’t transfer my psychological state .. Against the background of neurosis and stress appeared panic attacks, insomnia and anxiety disorders, anxiety began to haunt me everywhere and everywhere in everyday life, it can be said that a generalized anxiety disorder appeared. I lost the desire to do something, did not want to leave the house and the further desire to live quietly disappeared ..

But at one point I decided for myself that it’s impossible to continue anyway, otherwise I’ll go crazy, like you have to live on, you need to think about the children and their future, because they need an adequate and normal mother, you have to get out of of this condition with medication help, if you alone cannot do this.

First, I turned to a neurologist, who gave me a comprehensive treatment, after which the panic attacks stopped, but psychologically my condition did not change and I had to turn to a psychotherapist for help.

Selection of antidepressants is an individual process, so it should be done by a qualified doctor. Fluoxetine is my third in a row antidepressant that came up to me, from the first two it was only worse.

Simultaneously with taking an antidepressant, I had a session with a psychotherapist and in a comprehensive approach to depression, I was able to return to life as it were.

When the doctor prescribed Fluoxetine for me, I first started reading reviews about this drug, I was wondering how effective it was and to my great surprise most of the reviews were from slimming girls. It turns out that Fluoxetine has a side effect due to lack of appetite, which in turn helps with nerve boulemia. To put it mildly, I was shocked by the fact that people take antidepressants for weight loss, and then get a lot of side effects and write negative reviews on this drug. This is complete nonsense! But, the blessing since recently allFlax-active drugs, including antidepressants, were released only on prescription, otherwise the process of self-destruction could not be stopped. Of course, I don’t know, maybe there are some pharmacies that sell Fluoxetine without a prescription, but I haven’t met these. In any pharmacy where I bought the drug required a prescription.

The price of Fluoxetine is more than affordable, from 35 dollars to 200, depending on the manufacturer. I bought Ozone and Lannaher, I did not see the difference between them, they are absolutely identical in action.

Most often, I buy Ozone firms, as the cost is more than acceptable 35-40 dollars per pack of 20 capsules.