Antidepressant Fluoxetine, LLC “GN” GNTsLS – review

Fluoxetine – how not to shout at the child and cope with postpartum depression: reviews, price, how it works for losing weight

When I needed it, the terrible word antidepressants

After giving birth, like every woman has a lot of work to take care of the child and the house, cooking and washing, but there is no time left for rest.

Yes, of course, after 6 months it gets a little better, but you really begin to sleep at night after 3 years, I didn’t know about rest during the day, and most importantly it’s you, if you are rested and calm, no drugs will be needed.

But this knowledge came after the 7th year of the decree, and before that, the child’s gathering on the street at several hours brought me to hysterics, like his stubbornness.

How did postpartum depression manifest itself

I not only screamed, but also broke down on the child, remorse tormented me every day, but it was impossible to control this process. So I came to fluoxetine, it was recommended by a pharmacist at the pharmacy when I complained that I was not behaving in the way I would like and that the punishment of the child is not commensurate with his misdeeds.

After hearing me she recommended him. Having bought, I used it very eco-friendly, as soon as the attack came, I immediately drank it, so I could save the child from its inadequate reaction.

This drug helped me cope with interruptions when the first wave was beaten off, and then I started looking for additional tools and methods to fix the result.

Now fluoxetine is still in my medicine cabinet, but I use it less and less, because I know how and what to do and work with breakdowns.

I recommend this drug after consulting a doctor, but this is only the first step, so that you can see what is happening in your life, I think that you shouldn’t “hang on”.

How to lose weight on fluoxetine?

I had no such effect, because I didn’t even finish one record, but I think that it’s quite possible if you, like me, suffer from “zazorami” after breakdowns or nervous situations. It stops the wave itself half way and you look at the situation from the other side.

Therefore, analyze your behavior and where you gain weight from, but trying fluoxetine to lose weight, I think this is a big mistake. I am telling you this, as a person who has lost 43 kg, which means that I know about all the “charms” of Zazor people.

This is a dead end, only by instilling in yourself the right eating habits and adding sports you can cope with excess weight forever.


The price of the plate is about 17 hryvnia, which is about $ 0.65. I think the price is acceptable, since other drugs are several times more expensive.

Instructions for use

She scared my mother, when I had already coped with the problem, my mother asked for my pills. Contraindications, as well as side effects, are rather frightening, therefore, it is better to take them only after consulting a doctor or not to consider them at all for systematic use.

I recommend fluoxetine only in cases where it is really vital to take them and they save your life.

For myself, I decided to use them extremely rarely, concentrating on the rest, as the backsides really scare. I didn’t have them, but they may be worth considering.

There are contraindications, so before buying, see the instructions.