Fluoxetine – how not to scream at the baby and cope with postpartum depression

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fluoxetine 20 mg

When I needed it. The scary word is antidepressants

After childbirth, as well as every woman has a lot of work to take care of the baby and at home, cooking, laundry, and no time to rest.

Yes, of course, after 6 months it gets a little better, but you really start to sleep at night after 3 years, about rest during the day I did not know, and most importantly it is you yourself, if you are rested and calm, then no medicine is not needed.

But this knowledge came after 7 years of maternity leave, and before that packing the baby outside for a few hours drove me to tantrums, as did his stubbornness.

How postpartum depression manifested itself

Not only did I scream, but I also snapped at the child, my remorse tormented me every day, but it was impossible to control the process. So I came to fluoxetine, it was recommended to me by the pharmacist in the pharmacy, when I complained that I was not behaving as I would like and that punishing the child was not commensurate with his misdeeds.

After listening to me, she recommended it. When I bought it, I used it very economically and carefully, as soon as an attack came, I immediately drank it to save my child from his inadequate reaction.

This drug helped me cope with the interruptions when the first wave was beaten off, and then I started looking for additional remedies and methods to consolidate the results.

Now fluoxetine is still in my medicine cabinet, but I use it less and less often because I know how and what to do and work with breakdowns.

I recommend this medication after consulting a doctor, but this is only the first step so you can see what is going on in your life, I don’t think you should “hold on”.

How to lose weight on fluoxetine?

I haven’t had that effect, which is quite possible if you, like me, suffer from overeating after breakdowns or nervous situations. It stops the wave itself halfway through and you look at the situation from the other side.

So analyze your behavior and where you are gaining weight from, but trying to take fluoxetine to lose weight I think is a big mistake. I’m telling you this as someone who has lost 43 pounds.

It’s a dead end, only by instilling the right eating habits and adding sports can you permanently cope with the excess weight.


The price of a blister is about $50. I find the price to be reasonable, as other medications cost several times more.

Instructions for use

Scared my mother, when I had already dealt with the problem, my mother asked me for the pills. The contraindications, as well as side effects, are quite frightening, so it is better to take them only after consulting a doctor or not to consider at all for systematic use.

I only recommend fluoxetine when it is really vital to take them and they save your life.

For myself, I have decided to use them extremely infrequently, focusing on resting, as the side effects are really scary. I haven’t had them, but they may be worth considering.

There are contraindications, so read the instructions before you buy.